Chelsea coach Marco Ianni’s behavior ridiculous – Alan Pardew

Mourinho -Chelsea v Man Utd

Chelsea FC

Chelsea faced fellow Premier League side Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

The Premier League fixture for week 9 was action-packed all through the duration of the game.

Marco Ianni celebrated Ross Barkley’s late equalizer in front of Manchester United’s bench.

The visitors were almost running away with a victory before Barkley struck to ensure both teams shared the points.

The wild celebration of Chelsea coach Marco Ianni against Manchester United was “totally ridiculous”, says Alan Pardew.

Maurizio Sarri‘s second assistant ran past the Manchester United bench in celebration after Ross Barkley nodded home in the 96th minute.

Manchester UnitedThis drew the ire of Jose Mourinho who tried to chase Ianni down the tunnel before being restrained.

Alan Pardew’s words

Former Premier League manager, Alan Pardew who has been involved in several touchline scrapes in the past was critical of Chelsea coach’s behavior, but he is glad he [Ianni] apologized after the game.

“This guy – the second coach or whoever he is – his first action is unacceptable and the second action is also doubly unacceptable”, Pardew told Goals on Sunday.

In situations such as that, they’ve conceded in the last second, he’s back at his old football club and you have an assistant manager group into his face like that – it’s totally ridiculous.

“The man of the match is that steward stopping Jose. If you’re going to be a top manager of any sort, you’ve got to have fire in your belly and if you haven’t, then don’t do the job.

Mourinho race towards Ianni

“I am glad he apologized and I’m glad Jose accepted the apology. In Jose’s situation with the pressure he is under, that is the last thing he wanted.

He’ll be worried this morning about who people will blame and you can go in that kind of circle. It’s not nice.”

Chelsea fans

Some Chelsea fans made chants taking swipes at their former manager Jose Mourinho after the final whistle.

Reacting swiftly, Mourinho reminded them of the three Premier League titles he won at Stamford Bridge.

“What he [Mourinho] did at that football club was phenomenal. I went there many times as an opposing manager just to watch and admire how good those Chelsea teams were under Jose.”

And he reminded them – ‘three championships I won here, give me a bit of respect’. Of course, respect in the game – particularly when the fans have had a few beers – is not easy to get.

Similarly, Pardew further added [on chants]: “that shows where we are as a society a bit

– the cabbage thrown at Steve Bruce when he left Aston Villa and stuffs like that – it’s unsavoury really.”

As the burst up at Stamford Bridge trend on, a cross section of fans believes Jose Mourinho deserves what he got.

What’s your view on this, dear ardent reader? Are you in line with Alan Pardew’s opinion or do you have a contrary view?

Share your thoughts with on what you think of Saturday’s Mourinho-Ianni tunnel saga.

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